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    SIGNS OF THE END PART 180 June 2016

    Captain Clay Higgins
       Captain Clay Higgins - America's Not Done!
                    The Truth About Islam
                 According To Almighty GOD!

    First Degree Rape (Hillary Clinton)
            First Degree Rape (Hillary Clinton)
    Tased in the Chest for 23 Seconds
            Tased in the Chest for 23 Seconds

          Child Bride Slaughtered After Crying Out:
             "I'm better off dead, I'd rather die!"

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“For nearly 20 years, I have worked diligently to bring my viewers top videos that bring truth by facts, alone. Now, I need your help, desperately. I learned 2 years ago, that I have a triple A (Abdominal Aeortic Aneurysm) I am now considered, a walking timebomb. Surgery is not what I have chosen. I am now preparing to leave to return home to Heaven.

I have 2 expenses that I can not pay for, my websites and my burial expenses. Please help financially w/anything you feel led to donate to me. I have loved all of my viewers and it has truly been my honor and a true pleasure, to have dedicated my time to create websites that are simply, phenominal.

I have just received a $50 donation towards my websites. But, now in 2016, I can no longer pay all of my website expenses, and to keep my websites up for you, I truly am now calling on your help! I would like to keep my websites up for a few months after I pass over. May GOD Bless You All and Keep You and Yours, Safe from all harm.”

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