JESUS' LOVE LIVES! View this beautiful video (here) Also, the Book Of Revelation in audio and text: (here) Study these Truths from the Real Living Almighty GOD. Enjoy and Prepare, for HIS Coming Is Nigh!

#RCE TruthLives HolyWalker ~Cina Cherie'


I am not religious in any way, shape, or form! I am Righteous because I Know JESUS Christ, Personally.

“ For nearly 20 years, I have worked diligently to bring my viewers top videos that bring truth by facts, alone. Now, I need your help, desperately. I learned 2 years ago, that I have a triple A (Abdominal Aeortic Aneurysm) I am now considered, a walking timebomb. Surgery is not what I have chosen. I am now preparing to leave to return home to Heaven. I have 2 expenses that I can not pay for, my websites and my funeral. Please help financially w/anything you feel led to donate to me. I have loved all of my viewers and it has truly been my honor and a true pleasure, to have dedicated my time to create websites that are truly phenominal. I have never received one penny towards my websites, whatsoever. But, now in 2016, I can no longer pay all of my website expenses, and to keep my websites up for you, I truly am now calling on your help! :( May GOD Bless You All and Keep You and Yours, Safe from all harm. Sincerely, Reverend Roxine Cherie' Evans aka #TruthLives #HolyWalker #RCE2016 ”